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Chug, Chug Tractor

Chug, Chug Tractor

Издательство: Dorling Kindersley

Lift-the-flap, noisy farm fun! Chug Chug Tractor is the perfect picture book for children who love vehicles, machines, and noisy farm animals. Learn all about Chug Chug Tractor and the jobs it can do as you follow the tractor around the farm on one busy day from morning to night. This entertaining noisy farm story is a great book for toddlers, featuring fun, interactive, play-and-learn elements children will enjoy for hours. There are 15 sturdy flaps and 5 exciting sounds that promote hands-on learning. Lift the flaps to listen to a revving tractor's engine, a beeping tractor, a quacking duck, a neighing horse, and a hooting owl. The lively rhyming text is ideal for reading aloud to little ones, who will soon be joining in - great for encouraging their early reading skills. The delightful scenes highlight interesting details by labelling parts of a tractor and different farm animals, providing talking points for parent and child. With bright, clear pictures of your child's favourite farm machine, flaps, sounds, and strong educational content, there's so much for preschool children to explore in Chug Chug Tractor - the best noisy tractor book ever! Please note: The sounds are light-activated - if you are reading the book in a darkened room, i.e., before bed, or not near good light, such as a window, the noises might not work.

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