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Lift-the-Flap Word House

Lift-the-Flap Word House

Автор/составитель: Lewis Jan
Издательство: Anness Publishing

Jack's birthday is tomorrow. Lucy's birthday is tomorrow as well! This is because Jack and Lucy are twins. They are having a fancy dress party, and all their family and friends are invited. There is lots to do. In the kitchen, mother is baking a big birthday cake. Open up the refrigerator to find more ingredients inside. Peer through the serving hatch to the next room, where father is helping Jack to prepare his outfit. That evening, mother relaxes in a bubble bath. But who's that behind the shower curtain...? Oh, it's Bobby the dog! The next day, the sun shines brightly for Jack and Lucy's party. Jack is dressed as a pirate and Lucy is a princess. Their friends are all wearing costumes, too. Can you see a dinosaur, a fairy and a superhero through the French windows? With more than 200 words to see and say, this interactive book makes learning fun.

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