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Автор/составитель: Gnann Achim
Издательство: Hirmer

Few artists come close to the renown of Raphael—perhaps only his High Renaissance contemporaries Leonardo and Michelangelo—and the range of his artistic achievement, from painting to architecture, is staggering. This book focuses on his drawings and paintings, bringing together more than one hundred and fifty of his works, representing all his major projects in those forms and offering an overview of the various periods of his career, from his early years in Umbria through his move to Florence and on to Rome. In addition to full-color reproductions of Raphael’s work, the book details his design methods, as well as his process of preparing canvas or panel paintings and frescoes and explores the widely varied materials he employed, including silverpoint, pen, ink, charcoal, and red chalk. The result will enchant any fan of this Renaissance genius.

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