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Microbiology of Aerosols

Microbiology of Aerosols

Автор/составитель: Delort
Издательство: Wiley
Серия: Wiley Blackwell

Microbiology of Aerosols synthesizes the up-to-date current knowledge about microorganisms – bacteria, archaea, fungi, viruses - aloft in the atmosphere, from detection to environmental and socio-economical implications. Four sections present the classical and online methods used for sampling and characterizing airborne microorganisms, their emission sources and short - to long-distance dispersal, their influence on atmospheric processes and clouds, and their consequences for human health and agro-ecosystems. Written by authors internationally recognized for their work on biological aerosols and originating from a variety of scientific fields collaborated on this multidisciplinary book. This is intended for researchers and Master/PhD students interested in atmospheric sciences, and/or microbiology.

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