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Footprints 2 Pupil's Book Pack

Footprints 2 Pupil's Book Pack

Автор/составитель: Read Carol
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers
Серия: Footprints

The Footprints 2 Pupil's Book Pack contains a Pupil's Book, Stories and Songs CD, CD-ROM and Portfolio Booklet. The components work together, helping children to develop the language skills they need to communicate confidently and effectively.
The 80-page Pupil's Book contains nine units, each with eight pages - one for each lesson. As well as the units, the Pupil's Book contains a syllabus summary, introduction, material for two festivals and a pull-out double page of colour stickers.
The Stories and Songs CD contains the songs, stories, rhymes, raps and chants from the Pupil's Book. This allows enjoyable additional listening practice and reinforcement of learning in the children's own time.
The 36 interactive games and activities on the CD-ROM relate to each unit of the Pupil's Book. The CD-ROM motivates the children to practise and extend their learning. It can be used independently in the classroom or at home.
The 24-page Portfolio Booklet links closely with the CEF and helps students to build up a personalised record of learning. For each unit, the children draw and write personalised information relating to the topic and language of the unit. They also carry out self-assessments.

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