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Self Assessment in Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology

Self Assessment in Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology

Автор/составитель: O'Neill James
Издательство: Elsevier
Серия: Expert Consult Title: Online + Print

Self-Assessment in Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive medical reference book that showcases international, expert knowledge and judgment in the practice of head and neck surgery and oncology. It offers a variety of true/false statements and multiple-choice questions, as well as patient and case histories, coverage of the newest technologies, and much more. This brand-new resource is perfectly suited for otolaryngology residents, oncologists, and surgeons who wish to measure their understanding of how to effectively manage the day-to-day problems and issues arising in patients with neoplasms of the head and neck.
- Test your expertise. Various forms of self-assessment include true/false statements and multiple-choice questions throughout.
- Take advantage of patient and case histories accompanied by real-life photographs and scans.
- Reference the correct answer to every question, which is followed by a bulleted list of the minimum core knowledge required for that particular area.
- Access the most current information on new technologies, outcomes data, results of clinical trials, and future directions.
- Further your research with a list of suggested readings included in each chapter.

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