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Peppa Pig Boardbook Collection (8 books)

Peppa Pig Boardbook Collection (8 books)

Количество томов: 8
Издательство: Ladybird
Серия: Peppa Pig

These first board books star Peppa Pig as she and her family enjoy all sorts of first experiences full of adventure.
Just like the show they are bright, bold and full of fun. Perfect books for Peppa fans aged 3 and over, they follow Peppa as she takes part in a bike race; visits a library; and gets to ride in a big, red fire engine with her beloved brother, George.
The experiences will be very familiar to young children and the stories are certain to be returned to again and again.
Titles in this collection:
Peppa's Washing Day.
Peppa Goes to the Library.
Daddy Pig's Fun Run... дальше ».
The Fire Engine.
Baby Alexander.
Peppa's Big Race.
Peppa's First Pet.
Peppa and the Big Train.
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