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Instant Graphics

Instant Graphics

Авторы/составители: Chris Middleton, Luke Herriot
Издательство: RotoVision

Instant Graphics is an inspirational resource for designers and illustrators, exploring how clip art and digital imagery have transcended their one-time status as cut-and-paste tools for home designers. Clip art is one of the foundation stones of leading-edge graphic design, illustration, and even motion graphics, and digital images are used as source material in design. Together, they are vital components in a wide range of work, a means of sourcing (often expensively) an incredibly wide range of illustration styles.
This book offers both the inspiration and the means to achieve stunning original work. It features beautiful full-colour illustrations with source notes from and interviews with top graphic design professionals.
By partnering practical hints and cutting-edge processes with working examples, together with a unique resource section showing where to find royalty-free clip art in a range of styles, it offers illustrators and designers a vital creative tool.

621 руб.
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ориентировочная дата отгрузки: 23.10.2017 (Пн.)
дата выпускаоктябрь 2007 г. 
количество томов1
количество страниц176 стр.
ISBN9782940361496, 978-2-940361-49-6
возрастная категория18+ (нет данных)
код системы скидок25
код в My-shop.ru339153
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