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The Carhartt WIP Archives

The Carhartt WIP Archives

Авторы/составители: Fujiwara Hiroshi, Def Mos
Издательство: Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup)

From the streets of Detroit to cities the world over, Carhartt's outerwear has become iconic of both work and play since Hamilton Carhartt developed his first pair of overalls for railroad engineers in 1889. Proudly sporting a union-made label, Carhartt s working-class origins and straightforward, rugged clothing appealed as an authentic expression of style. Carhartt Work in Progress, which began twenty five years ago as a fledgling European line, reinvented these roots to draw a new, trendsetting audience across the globe. Carhartt WIP updated the original cuts of workwear to create slimmer styles that have since become cult classics. From the American hip-hop crews of the 1980s to the European skate scene, Carhartt WIP became a sure signifier of street style. With collaborations with A.P.C, UDG, and Hiroshi Fujiwara/Fragment and a network of nearly seventy Work in Progress flagship stores around the world, the brand has become one of the most influential lifestyle brands in Europe. From the archives in Detroit and Dearborn to it's studios in Europe, this volume provides access to never before seen photography of Carhartt's designs.
Featuring an extensive story of the brand, from the first pair of overalls to its most iconic workwear, alongside insightful essays and interviews by artists and musicians, this book is a fashion archive and artistic expression of one of the most praised streetwear brands today.

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