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Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Networks

Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Networks

Издательство: Taylor and Francis

Over the next decade, the autonomous network will launch. This network is powered by data and adopts AI. Autonomous networks will support the growing demands of 5G, IoT, virtual reality, and more. They are self-healing and capable of learning and defending themselves against all forms of cyber attack. Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Networks introduces the autonomous network by juxtaposing two unique technologies and communities: Networking and AI. The book reviews the technologies behind AI and software-defined network/network function virtualization, and introduces the new world of autonomous networks, it's impact and benefits to consumers and enterprise customers. The book also outlines the role of open source in accelerating the vision of autonomous networks and enabling new and exciting AI applications and services that have not been imagined before. With contributions from leading experts, this book will provide an invaluable resource for network engineers, software engineers, artificial intelligence, and machine learning researchers.

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