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The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Автор/составитель: William T. Vollmann
Издательство: Penguin Group

A Sprawling and Sublime Walk on the Wild Side; Henry Tyler is a compassionate but failing private eye in San Francisco. When the love of his life, Irene - who happens to be married to his brother John - commits suicide, he clings despairingly to her ghost. Struggling to turn his grief and guilt into something precious, Henry enters into a new life of nightmare beauty and degradation through a San Francisco underworld populated by prostitutes, drug addicts and urban spiritual seekers as he attempts to track down the legendary Queen of the Prostitutes, a dark saint who protects the lowest of the low. Throughout his quest, Henry remains on the side of the good, even when the boundaries blur before his eyes. Part biblical allegory and part skewed postmodern crime novel, The Royal Family is a vivid and unforgettable work of fiction by one of today's most daring writers.

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