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Dangerous Pleasures

Dangerous Pleasures

Автор/составитель: Small Beatrice
Издательство: Penguin Group

A new novel from athe reigning queen ofa]erotica, romance, love, and lust New York Times bestselling author Bertrice Small explores the deepest recesses of the imagination where one womanas sexual fantasies lie in waita] Widowed with five children, stay at home mom Annie Miller has been just getting byaand growing restless because of it. Thinking Annie just needs a vacation, her sister enters her into a contest sponsored by The Channel, a network that caters to delivering womenas fantasies. Annie wins the grand prize, a week at a luxurious spaaand gets a treat when she turns on the flat-screen TV. The one working channel lets Annie programaand experienceaher own personal fantasy each night. Suddenly sheas living out dreams she didnat even know she had. But now that sheas experienced a complete sexual awakening, how will everyone in her former life handle this humble homemaker turned vivacious vixen?

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