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Designing a Vision. Janice Parker Landscape Architects

Designing a Vision. Janice Parker Landscape Architects

Автор/составитель: Parker Rla Janice
Издательство: Images Publishing Group

In her well-rounded career as a landscape architect, horticultural specialist, garden consultant, teacher, floral designer, and speaker, Janice Parker has distinguished herself by rethinking accepted landscape practices and developing inventive, personal solutions for difficult problems. As an entrepreneur and principal of her own firm, Janice has extensive hands on experience in every facet of landscape and designs-so she intimately understands how it all works.
As a result, the work and projects depicted in Designing a Vision: Janice Parker Landscape Architects are realistic as well as inspiring, and they focus on the most important aspect of the creative process-the relationship:
"A garden is a relationship: a relationship between a person and a bed of soil; between a vision and a site; sometimes between the city and the country, between our desire for it and our lack of understanding of it. It is our relationship to the natural world".

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