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Racing Bicycles. 100 Years of Steel

Racing Bicycles. 100 Years of Steel

Авторы/составители: Rapley David, Rapley Monica
Издательство: Images Publishing Group

This book features racing bikes from the last 100 years, spectacular photography of racing machines from the Tour de France, the Olympics and World Championships, as well as bikes for everyday use.
This breathtaking compilation gathers a hand-picked selection of bicycles from Europe and Australia, and documents developments in technology and style over the past century.
Racing bikes integrate form and function and the results are often surprisingly elegant, as well as practical, whether for cycling in competition or for pleasure.
The racing bikes contained in this book range from unused models to well-ridden but lovingly restored machines - from early-20th century models featuring wooden wheel rims, to the latest in carbon-fibre and titanium technology.

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