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Majesty. Elizabeth II and the Royal House of Windsor

Majesty. Elizabeth II and the Royal House of Windsor

Автор/составитель: Green Rod
Издательство: Carlton

Majesty is the enthralling story of the House of Winsdor, focussing on the personal and political intrigues that have characterized the reign of Elizabeth II. Fully illustrated with contemporary photographs, it describes the fluctuating fortunes of the Windsors, from the dramatic abdication of the Queen's uncle, Edward VIII, to the tumultuous relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Set against the colourful backdrop of key events - such as the Great Smog that brought London to a halt in 1952; the IRA murder of Lord Mountbatten during the Northern Ireland Troubles; the crisis triggered by the death of Princess Diana; the wedding of Prince William to commoner Kate Middleton; and the changing face of world politics - this is the story not only of a family, but also a history of our times.

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