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The Art of Graphic Design. 30th Anniversary Edition

The Art of Graphic Design. 30th Anniversary Edition

Автор/составитель: Thompson Bradbury
Издательство: Yale University Press

Bradbury Thompson (1911-1995) remains one of the most admired and influential graphic designers of the 20th century, recognized for his achievements by every major American design organization. The Art of Graphic Design is a landmark in the history of fine bookmaking. First published by Yale University Press in 1988, it was praised by the New York Times as a book in which art and design are gloriously and daringly mixed. Texts by the author and other notable designers, critics, and art historians, including J. Carter Brown, Alvin Eisenman, and Steven Heller, explore Thompson's methods and design philosophy, and a new afterword by Jessica Helfand attests to the enduring importance of his work. Highlights include Thompson's descriptions of his pioneering explorations of process colors and simplified alphabets, the magazine covers he designed for Mademoiselle and Art News, his work for the paper manufacturer Westvaco, and his iconic postage stamps as well as the spectacular Washburn College Bible. Published on the thirtieth anniversary of the original book, this new paperback edition makes a classic work available to another generation of designers, scholars, and students.

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