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The Artful Educator

The Artful Educator

Автор/составитель: Cowley Sue
Издательство: Crown House Publishing

This book is a rallying cry for an artful attitude to the process of education - it shows how teachers can move their teaching past a standardised, scientific approach and into the realms of an art form. In The Artful Educator Sue Cowley demonstrates how teachers can behave like artists, sculptors, actors, dancers, musicians, playwrights, poets, designers and directors, whatever subject they happen to be teaching. In this book you will learn how to be more creative, experimental, playful and imaginative in the methods you use to manage your classroom, and in the myriad ways that you help your students to learn. The book explains what an "artful attitude" to education looks like, and includes plenty of practical, real-life examples of artful approaches to teaching and learning. Find out how to reclaim teaching as an artful profession, reinvigorate your approaches to teaching, and inspire yourself and your children with the pure joy of learning. For all teachers looking for inventive, creative and innovative approaches to teaching.

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