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Going International. Student's Book

Going International. Student's Book

Автор/составитель: Keith Harding
Издательство: Oxford University Press

A course which equips students for the competitive environment of international tourism.

- The course is topic-based, and focuses on key situations and issues that students will encounter during their professional lives.
- Each of the 12 units offers a range of reading and listening tasks developed from up-to-date, authentic sources which present the topic in a variety of stimulating ways.
- Practice is given in all four skills.
- Language focus sections review important areas of grammar, functional language and pronunciation.
- There is a strong emphasis on vocabulary development. End-of-unit sections summarize essential, up-to-date vocabulary for each topic area.
- Practical and realistic 'Output' tasks allow learners to apply new language and skills in work-related contexts.
- At the end of each unit an extended 'Activity' incorporates the subject matter and language work of the whole unit.

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