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Handshake. A Course in Communication. Workbook

Handshake. A Course in Communication. Workbook

Авторы/составители: Peter Viney, Karen Viney
Издательство: Oxford University Press

An innovative course in language and communication skills.

- Uses communication skills as its main focus. Goes beyond traditional language skills to teach the strategies and techniques (both verbal and non-verbal) that we all use to convey even the simplest message.
- Encourages learners to try out a broad range of communication activities within the framework of a carefully graded and structured language course.
- Organized around nine broad communicative themes. Topics range from 'Starting a conversation' and 'Saying the right thing' to non-verbal techniques such as 'Gesture', 'Eye contact' and 'Body language'.
- Each unit includes: varied listening practice, discussion of cultural differences, vocabulary-building, quizzes and puzzles, and role plays. Each unit ends with a 'Language Focus' section to reinforce essential grammar.
- Active Grammar appendix provides further information and exercises on the main grammar points covered. Contains additional grammar points that are not actively taught but which are still useful and relevant to students at this level.

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дата выпуска16 января 1997 г. 
количество томов1
количество страниц86 стр.
ISBN9780194572224, 978-0-194-57222-4
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