Grammar Time 2. Teachers Book (New Edition)

Grammar Time 2. Teachers Book (New Edition)

Автор/составитель: Sandy Jervis
Издательство: Pearson
Серия: Grammar Time

A grammar reference practice with 5 levels, New Grammar Time is specially written for learners in Primary and mid-secondary schools for use either in the classroom or at home. The lower levels of New Grammar Time has simplified grammar boxes and an oral activity at the end of each unit which gives students plenty of opportunity to use the language. New Grammar Time can also be used as a supplement to any course book.

The Teacher’s book expands into a resource file and includes photocopiable activities that help the teacher to deliver lively and varied lessons.

- Easy-to-teach units presented in a consistent format
- Regular reviews and tests to monitor students’ progress
- Lots of extra written practice including fun games
- Introduces CYLETS, KET and PET tasks to help students familiarise themselves with the exams

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