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Longman Wordwise Dictionary

Longman Wordwise Dictionary

Издательство: Pearson
Серия: Longman Dictionary

Did you know that just 2000 words make up 80% of English that is used? The Longman WordWise Dictionary helps students reach intermediate level by focussing on these 2000 key words – now with the new Longman Memory Coach CD-ROM, providing extensive interactive practice to help students learn and remember essential words and structures more effectively.

With 38,000 words, phrases and examples, the Longman WordWise Dictionary is recommended for pre-intermediate students who need to learn key words in English.

What’s new?

- NEW Thesaurus boxes help students expand their vocabulary
- NEW Word Choice boxes explain the differences between commonly confused words, such as library and bookshop
- NEW Usage, grammar, spelling and pronunciation notes gives students all the information they need to avoid making common mistakes
- NEW 16-page picture dictionary and over 500 full colour pictures throughout the dictionary help students learn and remember key vocabulary
- NEW Life-long Learning Booklet teaches students the study skills they need to get the most out of their dictionary and improve their vocabulary... дальше »
- Now in full colour

NEW – Longman Memory Coach CD-ROM

- Helps students learn and remember words effectively
- Interactive exercises focus on core meanings and structures, vocabulary building, word choice, spelling and pronunciation
- Students can memorize key words in a fun and lively way with the Memory Games
- Picture dictionary helps students understand key vocabulary
- Includes the full contents of the Longman WordWise Dictionary
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ISBN9781405880787, 978-1-4058-8078-7
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