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The Contemporary Cruise: Style. Discovery. Adventure

The Contemporary Cruise: Style. Discovery. Adventure

Автор/составитель: Iwein Maassen
Издательство: Thames&Hudson

Here are all the ships, the routes, and destinations for cruise aficionados – and for those still waiting to be inspired.
The Contemporary Cruise is the one indispensable book on the subject.

There are cruise options... дальше » to suit every taste, from the all-in fun and entertainment of the latest floating resorts, to the quiet elegance of a classic tall ship.

A World of Possibility...
• Leave your stresses on land as you indulge in chic style, spa pampering and gourmet cuisine
• Drop anchor alongside some the world’s most gorgeous and secluded beaches.
• See wild penguins in the Antarctic or giant turtles on the Galapagos Islands.
• Relive the romance of the age of sail on a classic tall ship
• Discover the culture and nightlife of fascinating city destinations.

Through cruising you can discover the world while your ‘hotel’ travels with you. It is a wonderful way of unwinding away from the stresses and hassles of ordinary life on land. Relaxation, pampering, fine food, exotic destinations – it’s not difficult to see why holidays at sea have never been more popular.

You could choose to make an Atlantic crossing on a classic ocean liner, or to journey along the magnificent Norwegian coastline deep into the Arctic Circle. Or how about a river cruise to explore the ancient civilization of the Yangtze or the Nile?
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