Basement Ideas That Work: Creative Design Solutions for Your Home

Basement Ideas That Work: Creative Design Solutions for Your Home

Автор/составитель: Peter Jeswald
Издательство: Taunton Press Inc.

How do you turn your basement into the place to be? You transform it from a cramped, musty space to terrific rooms your family members will want to be in. No more dreaded trips to put in a load of laundry in a dark, dank locale or retrieve something from gloomy, cavernous storage. Instead, you'll enter a warm, welcome family room, a cozy home office, or a slick gym.

For the motivation to pull these basement renovations off, look to Basement Ideas That Work. Filled with practical and budget-friendly advice, Basement Ideas That Work not only helps you to get more enjoyment from your home, but increases its value in a single leap - a finished basement reportedly earns an average of 90% of its remodeling cost back at resale.

The most extensive basement design book ever!
- Part of the Ideas That Work series from The Taunton Press
- Invaluable whether your basement rehab plans are grand or modest
- Covers every aspect of turning your basement into prime living space... The Ups and Downs of Stairs, Adding Windows, Waterproofing, more
- Covers every aspect of transforming your basement into your dream place! Home theater and entertainment center, play area, craft and hobby retreat, secluded study, personal gym, laundry room you'll love, more
- 20 amazing case studies, 250 full-color photos (Be inspired by incredible ugly-duckling-into-sensational-swan success stories)
- The latest exciting options in flooring, lighting, sound proofing, electronic equipment... дальше »
- Savvy solutions for a basement's special problems - moisture, heating, plumbing, dealing with immovable obstructions

Don't let another day go by without exploring the possibilities awaiting you "downstairs"...send for Basement Ideas That Work!
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