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The Crimson Blind & Other Stories

The Crimson Blind & Other Stories

Автор/составитель: H.D. Everett
Издательство: Wordsworth
Серия: Tales of Mystery & the Supernatural

Mrs H.D. Everett was the last in a long line of gifted Victorian novelists who knew how to grip the reader through the invasion of everyday life by the abnormal and dramatic, leaving the facts to produce their special thrills without piling on the agony. 'I always know', says one of her characters, 'how to distinguish a true ghost story from a faked one. The true ghost story never has any point and the faked one dare not leave it out.' From the chilling horror of "The Death Mask" to the shocking violence of "The Crimson Blind", from the creeping menace of Parson Clench to the mounting suspense of "The Pipers of Mallory", these thrilling stories were enthusiastically received by readers and critics when they first appeared, and are sure to delight and terrify the modern reader in equal measure.

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дата выпуска20 октября 2006 г. 
количество томов1
количество страниц208 стр.
ISBN9781840225389, 978-1-84022-538-9
возрастная категория18+ (нет данных)
код системы скидок25
код в My-shop.ru438215
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