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Basic English for Science. Teacher's Book

Basic English for Science. Teacher's Book

Автор/составитель: Peter Donovan
Издательство: Oxford University Press

Develops students' ability to express basic concepts in simple, clear English.

It teaches the language required for performing such tasks as describing, hypothesizing, speculating, accounting for results and summarizing, which are necessary for any kind of scientific enquiry.

It builds up students' language skills so that in the course of the eleven units they move from simple tasks, such as expressing values and formulae in English, to the description of complete experiments, explanations and accounts of processes.

The course is accompanied by a class cassette with a selection of the classwork material, as well as a set of six lab cassettes with language laboratory drills. The Teacher's Book provides detailed teaching notes, keys to the exercises, and tapescripts.

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дата выпускаапрель 1999 г. 
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