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Success Intermediate Workbook

Success Intermediate Workbook

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Авторы/составители: Lindsay White, Rod Fricker
Издательство: Pearson

All students want to succeed. All teachers want to create great lessons. Success gives them the opportunity.

Students will….
• enjoy their course with the inspiring and up-to-date topics and ‘Culture Shocks’ sections.
• be motivated and confident with activities that help learners both understand and internalise grammar rules and avoid common mistakes
• be able to speak easily with a syllabus that focuses on communication in real-world contexts and vocabulary.
• are extensively prepared for school-leaving exams with a clear syllabus supported by exam practice and exam strategies.

• can make every lesson different with the variety of material in the Student's Book, the video, the CD-ROM, photocopiables and tests... дальше ».
• can easily adapt lessons and tests with photocopiables and the Testmaster CD-ROM.

SUCCESS. It’s all in the name.
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