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The Nature of Dwellings: The Architecture of David Hovey

The Nature of Dwellings: The Architecture of David Hovey

Издательство: Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup)

Throughout his career, David Hovey has designed spaces for living, exploiting structure and materials to create buildings of strength, simplicity, and grace. The Nature of Dwellings presents a comprehensive view of the seven single-family houses Hovey has designed, three near Chicago and four in Arizona, and relates them to his award-winning portfolio of multifamily housing developments.Lavish suites of photographs reveal the sweep of space through the interiors and the relationship of the houses to the land. Through a series of comments accompanying these photographs, Hovey describes his design intention and the palette of materials that creates a unique solution for each site. These houses merge into the landscape, and, with names like Ravine Bluff, Cloud Chaser, and Shadow Caster, their ties to the land and climate are clear.

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