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Backpack 1

Backpack 1

Дополнительно: + CD-ROM
Авторы/составители: Mario Herrera, Diane Pinkley
Издательство: Pearson
Серия: Backpack British English

The new edition of the world's favourite primary series is now even more colourful and richer!

Packed with opportunities to learn through songs and chants, stickers, games, stories, hands-on projects, and TPR activities, Backpack guarantees your students will learn while having fun. The Backpack approach promotes deep learning through systematic integration of vocabulary, grammar, and the four-skills within levels, across levels and across components.


- Beautifully illustrated vocabulary tips, presentations that captivate learners
- Values lesson incorporated into each unit
- A complete assessment programme that includes testing tips and techniques as well as test generator software... дальше »
- Little Books (Starter - 3), Magazines (4 - 6), and Content Readers (1 - 6) with Teacher's Manuals motivate readers
- Interleaved Teacher's Edition includes step-by-step lessons and a wealth of teaching options
- Workbooks, large format Posters and Picture Cards reinforce and extend language and grammar
- Phonics and Writing handbooks in Levels 1 - 3; Grammar Handbooks in Levels 4 - 6
- The Teacher's Resource Book provides pedagogical information for the teacher and many reproducible activities for students
- CD-ROMs and a Companion Website provide variety and additional ideas and activities
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