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LifeLike (intermediate)

LifeLike (intermediate)

Дополнительно: + CD-ROM
Авторы/составители: Graeme Thomson, Silvia Maglioni
Издательство: CIDEB

"LifeLike" offers a new approach to learning about the cultures of the English-speaking world, presenting them primarily from an insider’s viewpoint. "LifeLike" focuses on real-life experience and the way culture shapes daily life in today’s multicultural societies.
Together with material such as articles, websites, songs, maps, geographical data, "LifeLike" employs a range of short, accessible passages of fiction, essay and autobiography by young writers from all over the English-speaking world.
"LifeLike" is subdivided into 8 topic areas connected to aspects of everyday life: Home; Education; Work; Food; Travel; Leisure & Sport; Fashion & Shopping; Music & The Arts

Special features:
- SONGLINES with a song connected to each topic area
- WORDWATCH zooming in on specific terms related to the topic
- NUMBER CRUNCHING with statistics, charts and graphs
- ARTIST’S CORNER featuring the work of contemporary artists connected to each topic
- LANGUAGE LAB in each unit, including FCE-style exercises
- LINKS connecting texts in different topic areas

"LifeLike" is accompanied by an audio CD/CD-ROM, featuring both the audio recording and an interactive CD-ROM... дальше ».

- In the CD-ROM section you can find 8 short film clips (1 for each unit), each one accompanied by a detailed synopsis of the film, a director’s biography, an introduction and interactive activities
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