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Magical Tales from the South Seas

Magical Tales from the South Seas

Дополнительно: + Audio CD
Автор/составитель: Robert Louis Stevenson
Издательство: CIDEB
Серия: Reading & Training 2

Set in the lush paradise of the South Seas, Stevenson tells his tales of magic and spirits, where incredible things can happen.
In "The Isle of Voices" meet Kalamake, the wizard of Molokai, Hawaii, who transforms seashells into dollars! Find out what happens to Keola, who is brutally tricked by Kalamake and escapes to a deserted island, only to find cannibals...
The "Beach of Falesà" is a thrilling tale of taboos, treachery, devils, island magic and two people who find love.
Good, evil, cannibalism and the macabre intertwine to create two unforgettable stories.

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