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À vous la France!

À vous la France!

Автор/составитель: Tiziana Cignatta
Издательство: CIDEB

With "À vous la France!" students set off on a fun and lively journey of discovery of France and French-speaking countries.

Two teenagers, Camille and Thomas, show students the most interesting and motivating aspects of the French-speaking world, both near – France e French-speaking countries, and afar – French Polynesia, Quebec or Senegal. A photo, illustration or vignette of Camille or Thomas stimulate oral and written interaction, opening the window to various topic-based units: metropolis, cities, villages, countryside, mountains, the seaside, oceans, rivers, lakes and islands.

From one discovery to the next, on the trail of the pirates in Saint-Malo or in the footsteps of Leonardo in Amboise, students increase their knowledge of culture, geography, history, art, gastronomy, customs and sport in French-speaking countries. All subjects are approached through active learning in a way that is appropriate to the interests and motivation of the students.

The oral and written comprehension activities – true/false, multiple choice, tables, matching – alternate with those of oral and written production, which are based on numerous illustrations, games, guided practice and freer exercises, such as editing and email or a page from a log book.

A variety of motivating activities provide a light-hearted dimension: language games (anagrams, charades, riddles, crosswords), figurative language and proverbs all connected with the topics of the different units.

Intercultural understanding is transmitted through consideration of symbols, comparison with the students’ own cultures and independent research on the Internet in the Civilis@ction rubric.

French history is covered at the end of the topic-based units in a fun, illustrated way.

At the end of the volume, there are maps of the French-speaking countries, France and Paris and its underground. There is also an index of the main places and a multilingual word list of the most difficult words and phrases.

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