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KET Practice Tests Extra (+ CD-ROM + audio CD)

KET Practice Tests Extra (+ CD-ROM + audio CD)

Дополнительно: + CD-ROM
Автор/составитель: Amanda Thomas
Издательство: CIDEB

"KET Practice Tests" provides complete exam preparation and revision for the Cambridge ESOL updated Key English Test.
"KET Practice Tests" improves students’ exam techniques and readiness. It contains five practice tests which help learners master both the strategies and skills they need in order to do well in the exam.
The Teacher’s Book contains answer keys and recording scripts, a guide to marking the writing tasks and important information on organising and marking the speaking test.
• Test 1 includes information boxes on what students have to do in each part of the exam
• interesting and motivating texts and tasks which cover the full range of themes, topics, structures and vocabulary required for KET
• full colour photos and illustrations for the speaking test
• photocopiable answer sheets to give authentic practice for the day of the exam
• score sheets to monitor students’ progress in each task of each paper
• Grammar and Vocabulary Files to record language items from the tests

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дата выпуска1 июля 2008 г. 
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