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Conoscere l'italiano Intermedio-Avanzato

Conoscere l'italiano Intermedio-Avanzato

Автор/составитель: Simona Simula
Издательство: CIDEB

This is a progressive grammar book aimed at students who already have a basic knowledge of the Italian language and who want to deepen and consolidate the basic skills already acquired. It can be used either for self-study or to accompany a language course.
Despite dealing with complex structures, the book maintains the same clarity and simple layout as the first volume, whilst avoiding the use of difficult terminology.
The book is divided into 24 units, and each one deals with a specific grammar point, placing particular attention on the aspects which create the most difficulty for those learning the Italian language (the difference between passato prossimo and imperfetto, i modi indefinite, the passive etc.)
The use of explanations and numerous examples automatically allow enjoyment of the text and simplify the comprehension of the topics dealt with, establishing the fundamental concepts of the language.
The numerous, varied and motivating exercises favour learning and memorisation of the grammar rules through the use of current expressions of the Italian language in authentic contexts.
The lexis and the syntax of the exercises develop progressively, increasing in difficulty.

The 8 appendices offer:

• summary verb pages (auxiliaries, regular and irregular verbs conjugated in the three different forms);
• summary page on the passive form;
• notes on changing direct speech into indirect speech.

A series of summary exercises allow for checking and consolidation of the knowledge acquired, and the index means the book can also be used for quick reference.

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