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Majestic Metropolitan Living: Visionary Homes in the Heart of Cities

Majestic Metropolitan Living: Visionary Homes in the Heart of Cities

Автор/составитель: Sue Hostetler
Издательство: Clarkson Potter

Forget the sprawling suburban mansion with tennis court and swimming pool–from New York to Los Angeles, Miami to Chicago, the visionary home owners featured within these pages have created legendary, livable residences right in the heart of the city.

From an artist’s warren of studios in New York City–crowned by a magnificent rooftop garden draped with wisteria arbors–to a 16,000-square-foot château in Chicago with a master bedroom created from a former ballroom, these spaces are truly spectacular. They are also warm, friendly, and original. In short, they are real-life homes–but with many more rooms and amenities than most urban dwellings.

"Majestic Metropolitan Living" offers a tour through these unique and beautifully designed interiors. Their visionary owners have reinvented the original spaces, combining apartments or turning former warehouses and other nonresidential buildings into comfortable family homes. They include:

• A bright, breezy French-country-style family home in a former Russian embassy that offers views of the San Francisco skyline and an indoor basketball court for the children
• A tony penthouse apartment in Miami with more than 4,000 square feet of terrace space and a pool 500 feet in the sky
• A former hat factory in downtown Manhattan, now a space-age family home where the three children hold rock-band practice

Decorated by some of the top designers and architects today, from Thomas O’Brien to David Easton, Matt Baird to Daniel Romualdez, and with artistic owners like Loree Rodkin, Denise Rich, and Izhar Patkin, these spaces brim with ideas that can be translated for interiors of any size. "Majestic Metropolitan Living" is a visual feast for anyone who has ever dreamed of creating an inventive, beautiful, and personal oasis in the city.

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