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The Long Vowel Series

The Long Vowel Series

Количество томов: 16
Автор/составитель: Marlene Greenwood
Издательство: Jelly and Bean

This series contains 16 books to teach children the 16 different spellings of the English long vowel phonemes |ae|, |ee|, |ie|, |oe|, |ue| to be taught in Key Stage 1 of the UK primary school curriculum. The spellings are 'ay (day), ai (rain), a-e (cake), ee (sheep), ea (leaf), ie (pie), y (fly), igh (light), i-e (like), oa (boat), ow (show), o-e (rose), ue (blue), ew (flew), u-e (tune)'. Each spelling is introduced separately, one per book, and there is at least one word containinging it on every page. After the spelling is introduced, it may be used in subsequent books, but not necessarily. This way the series grows accumulatively and sequentially.

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