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Goa beaches

Goa beaches

Автор/составитель: Amelia Thomas
Издательство: Lonely Planet

WHAT WILL YOUR GOA BEACHES ENCOUNTER Be?...watching a heavenly sunset from a beach-shack restaurant on Palolem's crescent bay (p110)...an hour of blissful relaxation with a warm-oil ayurvedi massage and steam bath (p14)...bartering for jewellery and textiles among the throngs locals at Mapusa Market (p54)...strolling the narrow streets of Panaji's fascinating old Portuguese quarters (p78)...an early-morning meeting with monkeys and exotic birds at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary (p115)...savouring the Portuguese-Indian fusion of Goan cuisi at a laneway restaurant (p126) DISCOVER TWICE THE REGION IN HALF THE TIME...tailored map coverage for easy navigation around Goa' beaches and towns; our expert author recommends the top beaches, forts; churches, restaurants, markets, massages and wildlife sanctuaries; useful itineraries and highlights let you relax on the beach knowing the best experiences have been Pound; for you; locals give their insight on the best Goan food.

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