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The Runaway Wife

The Runaway Wife

Автор/составитель: Susy McPhee
Издательство: Random House, Inc.

Marion Bishop's life has fallen apart. Her daughter Hope was killed in a hit-and-run accident six months ago, and now Sam, her beloved husband, has walked out. Left alone with her grief, Marion has begun to contemplate the unthinkable. However, even her suicide plans go awry. Firstly, she's all out of pills, and then she's mugged when she goes out to get more. In fact, it's the mugging that wakes her up to the fact that she's perhaps not quite so ready to die as she'd thought: an awkward realisation when you have a knife at your throat. When her mugger's girlfriend intervenes in the attack, an unlikely friendship blossoms between the two women and Marion begins to contemplate a future. And what of Sam? He may have given up on their marriage but he hasn't given up on Marion entirely.

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