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Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

Автор/составитель: Chris Roberts
Издательство: Carlton

From the time he first appeared in a school production of Peter Pan, aged just 10, Heath Ledger knew that he wanted to be an actor. His journey from his home in Perth, Western Australia, to international stardom in Hollywood was tragically brief, yet eventful. Ledger lived his entire adult life as a sought-after celebrity in the full and unrelenting glare of the media spotlight. The book follows Ledger's rise to fame from his early beginnings as a teenager on Australian TV, detailing his many high-profile romances along the way. His first taste of international box office success came during his teen idol' phase with movies like A Knight's Tale, but he was also to achieve critical acclaim with Oscar-nominated performances such as his portrayal of a gay ranch hand in Brokeback Mountain. Ledger's role in The Dark Knight is predicted to make The Joker one of the darkest anti-heroes of the movie world.

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