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Macmillan Study Dictionary

Macmillan Study Dictionary

Дополнительно: + CD-ROM
Автор/составитель: Michael Rundell
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

The two-colour Macmillan Study Dictionary is packed with curriculum words, suitable for upper secondary/university students who study their curriculum subjects in English. It contains over 100,000 words, meanings and phrases.

Following in the footsteps of the Macmillan School Dictionary, the Study Dictionary is aimed at older students, with a larger format, containing 4,000 more curriculum words and more general words, plus a reference section at the back. It is the complete reference source for students at this level and much more curriculum-specific than competing dictionaries.

There is also a study skills section covering taking notes, essay writing, preparing for exams, writing informal and formal letters and emails, presenting CVs, punctuation, dealing with data, ICT, literary devices, and using numbers.


•Collocations are shown in bold within entries, to help students speak and write more naturally
•Strong curriculum content... дальше »
•Example sentences
•Special help boxes on word families, synonym sets and vocabulary building
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