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Treasures in Gold

Treasures in Gold

Автор/составитель: Gianni Guadalupi
Издательство: White Star Publishers

Precious metal and stone work is common to all the peoples on Earth, but in diverse forms depending on historical period and geographical location and has produced products of rare beauty through the technical skill of artisans gifted with creativity and style. While it is impossible in 330 pages to include all the jewellery and gold collections in the world, this volume will present some of the indisputably best ones in terms of size, elegance of execution, and historical importance. Brilliantly showcased in this book and following the chronological development of the goldsmith's art, in the places where these precious objects were created. We will see the celebrated, majestic, and intriguing gold mask of Tutankhamen, as well as gold from Greek and Roman workshops, skilfully moulded into precious objects for personal adornment as well as ritual and votive use. Our voyage continues as we retrace the steps of other Mediterranean peoples, Etruscans and Phoenicians, whose jewellery is uncommonly majestic, with gold relief and granulation.

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