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Empire of Night

Empire of Night

Автор/составитель: Justin Somper
Издательство: Simon & Schuster

A war is coming, a war that will involve all who sail the seas. Sidorio and his newly resurrected bride, Lola, are planning to build an Empire. However in order to fulfil their dream they need the help of the tempest twins, Connor and Grace, and gaining the trust of the two children is not going to be easy. But Lola and Sidorio will stop at nothing to take control of the seas, so the twins are given an invitation they can't refuse and join the couple's vampirate crew. But Connor's allegiances still lie elsewhere and as he gets pulled deeper into the world of Sidorio and the vampirates he continues to provide Cheng Li and the Federation with the information they need to put a stop to Lola and Sidorio's plans. Meanwhile, thanks to a deception by Lola, Grace is facing a battle of her own as her growing blood lust leads her down a sinister and dangerous path...

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