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Robert Pattinson Annual: Beyond Twilight: 2010

Robert Pattinson Annual: Beyond Twilight: 2010

Автор/составитель: Josie Rusher
Издательство: Orion Books

He's talented, he's sexy, and he's here to stay! Robert Pattinson is officially the world's hottest young actor. In this book we take you closer than ever before to the star of Twilight and New Moon... Packed with up-to-date news, the hottest gossip from the set of New Moon, the very latest gorgeous photos, facts and quizzes, the ROBERT PATTINSON ANNUAL 2010 is the perfect Christmas gift for fans everywhere. Take the test to see which Twilight character you're most like and discover whether you could even be Rob's perfect partner. Test your knowledge of Rob's loves and hates, and find out whether you're his number one fan... With a FREE and exclusive Robert Pattinson calendar poster - filled in with all of Rob's important dates over the coming year - this is a must-have annual that will keep your heart fluttering over Rob all year round!

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