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Elexpres Exercises Book

Elexpres Exercises Book

Авторы/составители: Raquel Pinilla, Alicia san Mateo
Издательство: SGEL

"ELExpres - workbook" - is a support in this intensive course of Spanish as a Foreign Language addressed to adolescents and adults that want an effective and quick progress on the language. This workbook offers a compilation of activities to develop comprehension, production and reflection, and has as an objective to reinforce the learning and to fix the knowledge acquired in the manual. "Elexpres - Workbook" - is also divided into 27 units (as in the handbook): The first 15 units correspond to the A1 and A2 level, and the units 16-27 to the B1 level. Each unit has 3 pages. The Teacher's Guide will be available online.

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