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The Monkey Pirates

The Monkey Pirates

Автор/составитель: Mark Skelton
Издательство: Egmont

Aaarrgh! This be a funny book starring many monkeys, much searching for treasure and a man with a huge beard. One night, Emily Jane is trying to get to sleep when suddenly, there is an enormous thunk! And a dozen Monkey Pirates tumble out of her wardrobe. Monkey Pirates are in search of yellow, bendy treasure and they travel through space and time in wardrobes to look for it. No sooner does Emily Jane hear this, than she hops into the wardrobe with them and travels off in search of her missing Uncle Bartholomew who invented the wardrobe and who has a huge beard. There follows much silliness involving Buckingham Palace, a bearded professor, bananas, a time-telescope and a Monkey Pirate called Dave, who's trying very hard to learn the ropes but would secretly prefer to be a librarian. Will Emily Jane find her Uncle Bartholomew? Will Dave ever learn to say 'Aaarrgh!' properly? Join the crew to find out! Bananas and barnacles!

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