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Espresso 2. Esercizi supplementari. Livello A1 e A2

Espresso 2. Esercizi supplementari. Livello A1 e A2

Авторы/составители: Ziglio Luciana, Doliana Albina
Издательство: Alma Edizioni (Alma Italy)

The text consists of 10 lessons, and it is designed for users of Espresso 2.
The activities are, in fact set out, to run alongside the corresponding course book units.
The purpose of the test is to consolidate structures and vocabulary learnt in the corresponding lessons of Espresso 2 and to allow the student to assess the progress made.
Various types of exercises are presented, including completion exercises, exercises to promote grammatical reflection, transformation, application of communicative functions, question and answer activities, crosswords, filling in tables etc.
The exercises are designed for individual work and the solutions provided in the appendix give students the opportunity to check their answers.

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