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There's No Place Like Here

There's No Place Like Here

Автор/составитель: Cecelia Ahern
Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers

Thirty-four-year-old Sandy Shortt has made it her life's ambition to search for all the missing things in life. It started with the disappearance of her class mate Jenny-May, back when they were both ten. Since then it has become an obsession - from the single sock that comes out of the dryer, missing its mate, to the people who leave for work one morning never to return to their loved ones.& nbsp; Sandy's& nbsp; determination to know where everything is grows and leads to a life dedicated to searching, but not often enough, finding. As an adult, Sandy's job is to find missing people. She knows all the missing intimately - names, faces, likes and dislikes, all recorded in the files she keeps. Sandy's life is a mass of contradictions however, from her name - she's neither sandy, nor short - to her life's work. In fact, all this searching for the things and people that aren't in her life leads her to become blind to those that are in it. That is, until she stumbles across a world where all the missing people go? There??'s No Place Like Here. Here, she is forced to face up to all that has gone missing in her life, and for the first time that includes facing herself.

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