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Hollywood Pinups

Hollywood Pinups

Автор/составитель: Timothy White
Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers

In the 1980s, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original Varga Girl's first appearance in Esquire, the magazine commissioned Timothy White to create a contemporary version of the perennially popular pinup. Simultaneously paying homage to Vargas yet completely reinventing the form, White created a series of pin-up portraits of the hottest actresses and models at the time. White's portraits were comparable to Vargas' in their poses, attitude, and playfulness, but were over the top in their creative approach, imagination, and use of digital technology. White began by shooting most of the models completely nude (Vargas, by the way, drew his images as nudes, too, but was forced to draw on their clothes at Esquire's insistence!), save for high-heeled shoes and embellishments such as dozens of real diamonds used as gloves and pasties! Through a digital process, White then created clothes for his models - and the ultimate effect was unbelievable. Imagine supermodel Vendela looking back over her shoulder in translucent lingerie; Cindy Crawford, nude save for a leopard bra and cuffs; Christie Brinkley in black combat boots and racy camouflage; Tyra Banks floating in a sea of bubbles, nude except for white pantyhose and heels. These gorgeous portraits, which also included Bridget Hall, Stephanie Seymour, Elle McPherson, Rachel Williams, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Berkley, and Angie Everhart, appeared one at a time over a period of over a year as a regular feature in the magazine. Esquire then went on to use the images in a major advertising campaign. Models and starlets participated because it was great - and very tasteful - publicity.

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