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Building Construction: Principles and Practice

Building Construction: Principles and Practice

Автор/составитель: D.W. Walton
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers

This text has been designed to assist students who are studying building construction and technology as part of their technical education. It has been specially prepared to match the typical syllabuses found in senior secondary schools and colleges where technical and vocational studies form part of the curriculum. It introduces the student to building technology - the understanding of how materials used in the construction of buildings function, enabling their performance to be anticipated, and building construction, the result of applying technology. The aim is to produce a complete structure that will provide shelter in the form of a permanent building ensuring safe, healthy and enduring conditions. The ultimate aim of the text is to provide information and techniques of practical use which, with further training, will lead to employment in the building industry. It emphasizes practical applications using typical materials and equipment commonly available on small building sites. This, coupled with classroom/workshop instruction should cover most circumstances encountered. A building must be stable, durable, sanitary and resistant to fire. These are the basic aspects of building construction that will be covered alongside how to apply them with the safe and healthy ways of working on the building site.

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дата выпуска14 августа 1995 г. 
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количество страниц248 стр.
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