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PhotoCat, 17 января 2018 г.
For quite a while Schilt Publishing have planned to publish a superb photography book on cats. Not just another book about these magnificent creatures, but a cat book so beautiful as never has been made, with stunning photography by stunning photographers. Cats are very important to... дальше
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The Earth's Circle: Kolodozero
The village of Kolodozero, deeply concealed in the woods of Pudozh, is located on the border between Arkhangelsk Oblast and Karelia in Russia. In ancient times, people settled on the northern flanks of the local bodies of water?rivers and lakes. Kolodozero therefore consists of a handful... дальше
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Reflection, 1 марта 2017 г.
Banka Pavel
Throughout his career, Baňka's photographic series have alternated between imagined and found Spiritual Spaces are a mature artist's successful realization of investigations first pursued fifteen years earlier when Baňka also sought to animate plain, interior spaces.... дальше
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Border, 2016 г.
BORDER is a journey along the Russian border, the longest national border in the world, which spans over 60,000 km. This book will take you on a unique trip from the warm regions of the Caucasus to the extreme
cold in the North - to the Russian temporary ice base Barneo, drifting in
... дальше
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Under the Skin of Reality
Under the Skin of Reality, 25 августа 2015 г.
Giacomelli Mario, Biondi Katiuscia, Itolli Marina
The title Cose Mai Viste translates literally as things never seen, and applies here in two senses. The most direct describes works never before shown, never exhibited or published. The broader describes views that no one but Giacomelli has ever seen, moments when only he was there. Now... дальше
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Pipe Dreams. A Chronicle of Lives Along the Pipeline
Pipe Dreams. A Chronicle of Lives Along the Pipeline, 1 июня 2010 г.
Effendi Rena
A pipe dream is a fantastic hope that is regarded as being impossible to achieve. This book is dedicated to the people of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, linked by the oil pipeline and their fading hopes for a better future. Besides corporate public relations campaigns, little... дальше
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