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Vodka. The Complete Guide
Vodka. The Complete Guide, 19 ноября 2018 г.
Frederic Du Bois, Boons Isabel
For a long time vodka has been more than just Russia and Poland's national drink. From Asia and Great Britain to the United States: this fire water has conquered the world and is now the most sold spirit internationally. The term "fire water" refers to its most distinguishable... дальше
3 062 руб.
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The Peter Paul Rubens Atlas
The Peter Paul Rubens Atlas, 2018 г.
Hauspie Gunter, Balis Arnout
This is the first title in a new prestigious cultural tourism project by Lannoo Publishers. The Peter Paul Rubens Atlas illustrates
the life of Rubens on a timeline: important dates and periods in the life of the Old Master are indicated and elaborated on in the main part of the book... дальше
3 370 руб.
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Stoned: Architects, Designers & Artists on the Rocks
Natural stone and, in particular, marble have made a big comeback in (the world of) interiors. A New Stone Age has dawned for trendsetting architects, artists, and designers.
Including works by Olivier Theyskens, Glenn Sestig, Muller Van Severen, Bas Smets and Pieter Vermeersch
... дальше
5 510 руб.
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D.P.R. Korea: Grand Tour
D.P.R. Korea: Grand Tour, 28 сентября 2017 г.
De Keyzer Carl
With a "concertina" design, this book showcases the "grand tour" of Magnum Photographer Carl De Keyzer around North Korea, the most reclusive country in the world.
5 637 руб.
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